Tuesday, June 30, 2009


The news reports said last week's 3-day nor'easter was the most destructive storm in many years, if not ever, in terms of coastal erosion. Most of the damage occurred on the outer Cape beaches. The National Seashore rangers are very concerned. The camps on Chatham's outer beach were all destroyed in this last round of storms as well.

Our beach is also suffering erosion, although slightly more slowly.

The place where the erosion is most apparent on our beach is the corner behind the jetty. Last year the dunes came right up behind the jetty, bulging forward and spilling out onto the beach. Sand full up to where those fence posts are visible now.

You can see how the ocean has "scoured out" the corner. The damage is also visible along all of Sea Way beach, in that the dunes look bitten into. At low tide, the beach seems pretty nice. We walked along at high tide last night at twilight, though, and there's not much above water.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Summer Kickoff!

Although the weather may not be cooperating, it really is summertime! The beaches are looking great, despite the battering of the winter ocean. The tides have still been really high with all the storms passing through, but let's all hope for some nicer weather!

Some reminders: Dogs are allowed on the beaches (since they are private) but only before 10 a.m. and after 5 p.m. New signs will be going up soon to remind people of this Association rule.

The trash barrels have been replaced at the beach entrances. Please use them if you have trash from your beach visit or walk. And please feel free to stand them back upright if you notice that the wind or waves have tipped them over. The bungee cords on top should keep contents in and ocean (and critters) out.

New signs have been installed on the dunes (see post following this one) Please be aware of people - especially children - trying to climb on dunes as this will speed the erosion. Feel free (and empowered as an Association member) to tell people to stay off the dunes. If we all speak up, everyone will get the message.

The season opening cocktail party is tonight! If you haven't RSVP'd, it's not too late to give Carol a call! See you there!

Newly formed sand dunes...

The exposed sides of the dunes, where the hungry ocean has taken big bites out of them over the winter.

Remember to Stay off the Dunes

There are three new signs posted along the SeaWay beach, in the dunes. Please feel free to tell visitors and children to stay off the dunes. Please remind anyone you see who may be playing on the side or climbing up to the grass that they need to stay off. It's your beach, and your dune to protect.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Almost Summer Vacation time....

There has been an inordinate amount of rain on the Cape this spring. April showers are still with us, now well into June. But all the rain has been wonderful for the blooms - the flowers and bushes all around the neighborhood are quite beautiful. The beach roses have been prolific bloomers for the last few weeks, and the climbing roses are sending out more buds than I've ever seen before.

One more week of school left before the neighborhood starts to wake up for summer!

Let's just hope the rain takes a break and give the sun a chance to shine this summer!

Monday, June 8, 2009

It's June, so it must be time for Seaweed...

That's right, the seaweed is back in bloom, and washing up on the beach once again. You can see in this picture of "the Corner" how the ocean is dark and thick with weeds, starting to wash up onto the sand. (I took this photo yesterday. There's even more weed on the beach this morning.)

Like everything else on Cape Cod, the seaweed grows faster in the warmer weather. So more of it washes ashore during the warmer months. Starting in June.

Which is why we pay to have the seaweed raked each week during the busy season, to clear the beaches for those weekend beach-towel-on-the-sand excursions. Which is one of the reasons we charge annual dues, in order to pay for the raking.

Thanks again to everyone who already paid their dues (on time) for this coming season - without everyone's help, the neighborhood couldn't run as smoothly as it does.

Hope to see you on the beach soon!