Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Hurricane Earl - Media Hype or Reality?

It's always hard to tell whether a hurricane poses a real threat to our coastline or if the media just needs something to worry about.

Hurricane Earl's currently projected path leads him right through Cape Cod. Whether or not we get a "hurricane" or just a big rainstorm, there is likely to be a lot of wind and strong surf. Make sure your outdoor furniture and small boats are all secure prior to Friday.

Those boats on the racks down by the dock? Tie 'em down or bring them home to the garage.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Last Week of Summer...

Enjoy the warmth and sunshine of these last August days...
Labor Day is right around the corner!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Sunshine Returns to Cape Cod!

See the Sunshine sparkling on the water?
The clouds are gone. The Sun has returned.
Life is Good.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Cormorants on the Point

While many beaches along the Cape have sandpipers of varying sizes, our Old Mill Point groins have been a popular summer hangout for cormorants for several years now...

This year's group of visitors seems smaller than previous summers, but their numbers may continue to grow as the migratory birds drift down from other summer hot spots further north in Maine and Canada. They'll hang out along our coast until October, when they'll take off en masse for the warmer Atlantic waters along the Carolinas and Georgia.

Until then, we can enjoy watching these funny birds as they dive for fish and sit in the sun to dry their feathers.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Stranded Sea Turtle on Seaway

For anyone that may have missed it, a giant dead leatherback turtle washed upon our Strandway beach last night around 5 p.m. It came in with the tide, and was pushed far enough up to stay overnight and through the day.
Tom Leach, the Harwich Harbormaster, arrived before noon to video the poor giant (which you can view at his new website at www.threeharbors.com) and came back shortly after lunch with ropes on land and a Harbormaster boat in the water to tow the creature back to Saquatucket Harbor. There, the people from IFAW will come to autopsy the body an determine the cause of death.
If anyone heard about the turtle but maybe doubted the veracity of the story, here's a photo with my friend Dan standing next to the turtle. Dan is a pretty tall guy, about 5'10". The turtle was massive.
According to Tom Leach, there are lots of these leatherbacks out in the middle of Nantucket Sound this time of year. He told us that last year they tagged a few and were able to see how far they swim over the course of the year - some going all the way down to South Africa.
Rest in peace, big guy.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

More Photos from the OMP Fourth of July Parade

The Doyle family sent in a few photos from the Fourth of July Parade to share with everyone. As they host the annual parade, they have a unique perspective on the festivities... mainly, from inside the truck, looking back at the marchers and participants of all ages...

Events like these make for wonderful memories for children, grandchildren and adults alike. This reminds us all why we choose to summer in a place like Old Mill Point, on an island called Cape Cod.

Hope everyone is enjoying their summers!