Monday, September 27, 2010

Fall on Cape Cod

It may be fall and the kids are back in school, but there are still plenty of fun activities going on around Cape Cod. We've had some great weather, and October should be just as nice.

Last weekend, my family went down to Truro for the annual "Truro Treasures Grape Stomp." There were jazz bands playing, wine and local foods to sample, and yes - grapes to stomp on!

There is also the "Fall for Harwich" festival going on here in town, a month-long celebration of all things Harwich. Last weekend there was a parade through the middle of town (just a little bigger than our annual OMP 4th of July parade, but not much), a music festival (the first annual, they say) and a craft festival at Brooks Park. The Seaside Clowns performed yesterday.

More events are scheduled - a pdf of the full brochure can be found here:,WEBSITE.8.2.10.pdf

The flea markets in Dennis and Wellfleet are still open, and shopping is much more relaxed when you aren't melting from the summer heat. Cape weekends are also filled with Yard Sales, Antique Sales, Craft Shows... you name it.

For Art Lovers, the annual "Fall for the Arts" is coming right up as well - October 1-3 at more than 430 venues across Cape Cod. A full listing of events can be found at

And don't forget the Annual North American Sea Glass Festival - October 9 &10 - held for the first time ever in Hyannis at the Cape Cod Resort and Conference Center. Celia Pearson's fabulous sea glass photographs are currently on display at the Cape Cod Museum of Art if you can't wait until October (read an article about the exhibit at

Lots to do - Lots to see - Lots of fun to be had on Cape Cod this fall...

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Earl was a Dud, Thank Goodness

The skies were grey all day. The seas were a bit choppy on our shores, tossing up lots of seaweed, but not even as bad as a "regular" winter storm. I haven't been on the beach today to assess any erosion... but from what I can see along Strandway, Earl was something of a dud.

One hurricane down, several more potentially on their way this season. This was a good exercise in preparedness, if nothing else.

Now let the Labor Day Weekend begin in earnest. Happy End-of-Summer Weekend!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Earl is on His Way...

They're flying the hurricane flags at Chatham Lighthouse.

Earl is expected to start causing a ruckus around noon today, heaviest between 8pm-2am, and cleared out by 10 am tomorrow. Saturday through Monday are supposed to be beautiful and sunny.

Batten down the hatches now - got your supplies on hand?

Happy Labor Day weekend!