Friday, April 13, 2012

Strandway Beach Sand Work Started!

The machines are working yesterday on Strandway Beach, pumping sand from the mouth of the Herring River.

You cansee the dredge out at the end of the Herring River there, and the boat that helps guide the piping. Quite an operation - Jane Sugden watched from her property for a long while, she said, fascinated by the scale of the operation. Pretty cool.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

The End Result at Seaway Beach!

The new sand is in at Seaway Beach - here's the view a little after low tide today (dead low was at 11:15 or so, I took this shot at about 12:30.) You an see that the new sand is darker (much wetter, less sun exposure) and stretches out into the water. There are seagulls sitting out on the new sand. Here are a few more shots of same beach...

You can see from this view that the step up to the stairs is still pretty high... we may have to move around our new sand a little bit...

The Sand is Pumping!

Our bid to the Town of Harwich was accepted this winter, and the County Dredge is finally over at the mouth of the Herring River. Which means we are getting FRESH SAND pumped onto Seaway Beach as I type!
I went by yesterday afternoon to take a few photos, and will go back today at low tide (midday) to take more.

The thick black hose from the dredge snakes its way all the way from the river mouth around the long jetty to pump onto the beach. The Barnstable County workers were present to supervise, with a big bulldozer to push the sand around. Plenty of seagulls also showed up for the party, gathered around the mouth of the hose to see what tasty treats might emerge.

The bulldozer moved existing sand back in behind the jetty both to stabilize it and make room for the new sand. The county guys thought there would be more sand pumped on SeaWay this morning before they move the hose over to Strandway. Looking forward to reclaiming a few feet of beach again, after this past winter. If you're headed to the Cape over April vacation, be sure to make it up to the beach to check it out.