Sunday, August 19, 2012

2nd Annual Sandcastle Contest!

There were many creative constructions in the 2nd Annual Old Mill Point Sandcastle Contest, held Saturday night on Seaway Beach. Apparently there was a real live mermaid entered into the contest (seaweed hair and all) who had to go home for dinner before I got there to take pictures. Sorry I missed that!

There were two "creatures" entered in the contest, the turtle and the whale, although someone might have to explain the carrot to me...
(Note the smile on the whale's face, made of stones... so cute...)

I suspect the Holleran grandkids made those penants at home and brought them along to the beach in anticipation of needing a little color... and it looked great!
The Connelly clan also added color to their castle in the form of painted seashells - I'm telling you, these kids get more creative every year!
The Wolf grandkids went with an Olympic theme, writing USA with seaweed and decorating with found objects.

I'm not sure who built the hot-tub replica, but I'll bet it would be fun to hang out in that when the tide comes in and fills it!

See what I mean about creative? Every contest entry was different, every one unique, and every one a winner!

Big Congrats to all the participants and all the judges! Great job to everyone - and see you all next year! Can't wait to see what you think up for the next contest!

Sandcastle Kids

There were plenty of wonderful entries in the second annual Old Mill Point Sandcastle Contest. It looked like the kids all had a fun time creating their castles, creatures and deep-deep holes. One group - including the Costello boys, above - created a scene from Old Mill Point, complete with a windmill, the jetty, and real seaglass in the windows of the houses!

This young man is showing off his deep, deep hole - he was down so deep he struck water even after starting at the top of the beach!

These kids didn't dig quite as deeply, but their hole was much wider in scope...
...and I'm sure he was a big helper with the digging...

Some kids stayed with their castles to make sure the judges gave them all the ribbons they deserved...

...while others spent the evening wandering along the shore. It was a beautiful night for a beach walk!

OMP Beach Party!

The annual OMP end-of-season party was a big success, despite a weather system that threatened thunder all day. It was a nice night up on Seaway Beach, with lots of kids and grandkids in attendance.

Marie Louise was the party coordinator, and did an excellent job of making sure the beer and wine flowed for the adults, and the marshmallows flowed for the children! Thanks, Marie Louise!

Mark was one of the fire marshalls, and was thrilled to have his son and daughter-in-law along to help him!

Roasting marshmallows on the beach is a real treat for all ages...

...even teenagers and some of the "big kids" were seen roasting and eating s'mores!

Others brought their own treats, like Anna's Longaberger full of muffins (yum!) and some just smiled for the camera - Hi, Betty and Elaine! I realize I don't have photos of everyone at the party - it was a big party - mostly because I was also attending the party, and chatting with friends and neighbors I haven't seen enough of this summer.

Even the littlest of Old Mill Point grandchildren were on the beach for the party, like these little cuties from the Volpe clan.

All in all, a very successful evening for the second-annual-Beachfire-event. As traditions go, this is a keeper.