Thursday, September 12, 2013

September Blowing Through...

September breezes are blowing through Old Mill Point, and it's been sweatshirt weather for the last week or so. The roads and beaches are quiet as everyone has headed back to school. Yesterday and today are seeing the temperatures spike back up - maybe in anticipation of the Cranberry Craft and Music Festival in Harwich this weekend?

If you're on Cape, there's a great lineup of musicians scheduled to play at Brooks Park, including The Incredible Casuals who go onstage at 7 p.m. Saturday night.

And if you're not headed down this weekend, don't forget to put it on your calendar for one of these next few weeks, in time to enjoy the fall breezes and peaceful ocean views... and to get the boats off the racks, and put away the lawn furniture, and all those other things we don't want to think about at the end of the season!

Whatever you do and where ever you are this weekend, hope you're having fun.