Monday, November 18, 2013

An article about the Seaweed Problem in West Harwich

I'd like to share a link with you all, to an article I wrote about the Codium problem facing our beaches. Codium is the green seaweedy stuff that washes up in clumps on our beaches here in OMP. It's really an invasive algae rather than a true seaweed, and it's a growing problem.

I did some research and wrote an article on the problem for magazine. You can find the article by clicking this link:

There are no easy answers.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Fall on Cape Cod

Fall has reached us here on Cape Cod. Most of the leaves are history, with bare limbs reaching to the skies. Yesterday those skies were blue, today they were a sodden and soggy grey. Such is fall.

Fall also means the docks have been removed for the winter. All boats were removed from the racks just in time for the float and walkway to come out and be stored until next spring. Thanks to Carol and Jane for their work in alerting boat owners - and thanks to the owners for taking action in a timely manner. All to bed for another year.

There is still Cape foliage of sorts to be seen - the swaying of the dune grasses and the ornamental fronds that poke up from neighbor gardens. We've had several days of very cold weather already, but then we get a sunny one like yesterday... and it seems like summer wasn't all that long ago...
The last roses are on the vines now. When these petals finally fall, I think the vines will decide it's time to sleep through the dark winter months... but even as winter looms, spring never seems too far away here on the Cape.