Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Welcome Summer!

Memorial Day Weekend is almost upon us!

I thought I'd update the blog with a few fresh images, as spring has finally come - -only to be pushed right on through by the approach of

Seaway Beach is Accessible Again!

Anyone who visited over the winter or was here over April vacation knows the ramp was removed and the access point eroded.

There are now stairs installed to make it easier and safer to get down onto the beach. Whether or not this is a "permanent" solution will be discussed at the annual meeting, I'm sure. Where there is bound to be further coastal erosion, it makes little sense to invest lots of cash into revising the ramp system, and last year's ramp is no longer appropriate for the slope.

But for now, you can get on and off the beach without injury.

Seaway Beach Dune Fences

The Seaway Beach dune fences have been mostly removed.

Some of the posts that were partially pulled up by the ocean or damaged over the winter are also being removed, but the others will stay in place, waiting for next winter.

Now that the dunes will be "open" so to speak)
we'll all have to remember to keep our children and guests off the banks and out of the dunes, to minimize the damage and erosion. Signs will be ordered and posted to remind everyone, but every resident should feel comfortable in reminding others to not walk or play on the dunes.

Summer is On The Way...

The water is still chilly, but clear.

The fishermen have returned to the jetties, and can be seen wading along our shores at dawn and dusk...

Summertime is on it's way!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Happy *Rainy* Spring

Just a short post today. It's been raining a lot lately, so haven't ventured to the beach with the camera.

Almost 100% of annual dues have been paid for the year - still waiting on two - but wanted to say thanks to all who paid on time, or soon after. The annual dues are important for maintaining the neighborhood and our beautiful beaches.

Our association president tells me that work to remove the broken dune fences is underway. We'll have to figure out a solution for the walkway to Seaway beach, as the erosion has probably made the ramp impossible to reinstall. A solution will (hopefully) be worked out before Memorial Day. Any questions, ideas or concerns should be brought to a board member's attention, via phone call or email.

Looking forward to another great summer - if the rain ever lets up!