Saturday, October 18, 2014

SO happy to know this about the Horseshoe Crabs...

So I know I posted that article from Jim Scaia recently about Horseshoe Crab molting - but I have to admit it's so great to actually go to the beach and see it for myself - that the shells come apart in the back, where the crab backed his way out of the old shell.

And I've been busy showing this "trick" to everyone I walk with. My husband. My kids. My friends. Even my dogs, although they don't seem as impressed. Maybe they already knew there wasn't any crab meat left in those discarded shells.

And yes, most of the shells are refilled with sand, making them heavy so they seem to be full.

Remember this trick to try next time you're at the beach. And smile to know that those crabs aren't dead, but rather have moved on to bigger and better things. Or at least bigger and better shells.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

A "King Tide" is Coming mid-day on Thursday, October 9th!

Monday afternoon, I hit the beach later in the day and enjoyed the beauty of low tide and sparkling sunshine. 
Tuesday when we walked the beach at noon, we were surprised at how high the tide had come in, nearly blocking access to parts of the walk down by the Strandway staircase. We blamed it on the full moon. But then I got an email from the APCC (the Association to Preserve Cape Cod) proclaiming that the twice-yearly "King Tide" was on it's way.
According to APCC's email:
"A king tide is defined as being the highest of high tides and only occurring twice a year. With sea level rise this may become the new norm. This fall a king tide is predicted for Thursday, October 9, around 12:30 pm. It is important to check your local listing to see when high tide will be happening at your preferred high tide viewing spot.
Sea level rise is not some future occurrence. It's happening here and now and we'd like your help capturing it. Please send us any pictures of beaches, piers, salt marshes, bridges or other coastal scenes documenting this astronomical high tide event. You can post them on our Facebook page, or email them to"
So I guess I'll be headed up on Thursday to take photos (if it's not raining.) Thought I'd share, since I'd never heard of this phenomenon before. This seems to be my week to learn new Cape Cod trivia!

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Why so many "Dead" Horseshoe Crabs on the Beach?