Saturday, August 17, 2013

OMP End-of-Season Beach Party!

This year's End-of-Season party was a fun-filled evening, complete with entertainment from David McCoy's one-man band, dancing on the sand, singing along to "Sweet Caroline" and enjoying s'mores cooked over a fire.

Beach living at its finest.

Big thanks go out to the Party Committee, and especially to Marie-Louise and Nancy for being so organized (and staying to clean up at the end!)

It was great to see so many friends and neighbors gather for one last drink...

 ...and then it's time to pack up the beach chairs, dust the sand off our feet and put shoes back on to head home... already looking forward to next year's beach parties!

OMP Annual Sandcastle Contest!

 The (now) annual Sandcastle contest was held yesterday at Sea Way Beach, and was once again a huge success, drawing kids of all ages to compete for fame and fortune... or at least for prizes!

We may have to rename the contest a Sand Sculpture contest, because there were some wonderful entries that looked nothing like castles! Many thanks to Carol Volpe for taking the photos before the tide started to wash away these works of art...

If you have more photos of the contest that you'd like to share, send them in and we'll get them posted on the blog! What a wonderful way to get the whole neighborhood together and having fun!

Friday, August 9, 2013

OMP Kids Day 2013!

The annual Kids Day party at the Windmill House was once again a big success!

The kids and grandkids of Old Mill Point gathered at the Windmill House on the first Saturday of August to celebrate summer and play all the traditional games. And of course, participate in the oh-so-important Candy Hunt!

The kids had fun playing "old-fashioned" games, like egg races and 3-legged races... and it looks like the "big kids" had a blast helping run the fun - I'll bet they remember back when Kids Day was one of the highlights of their summers, too!

 Three-legged racers... on your mark... get set...

...And of course, the ever-popular OMP Visit From The Ice Cream Man!
Many, Many Thanks to Jane for hosting this annual event, and to Fiona, Ralph, Brian and Kate for setting it up, and to the big kids who helped run all the games!

And a special thanks to Carol for sending in the photos for the blog! It looks like a Good Time was had by All!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Hello, August!

Beautiful weather to welcome August...

And don't forget the Annual Kids' Party this Saturday up at the Windmill House! The ice cream man will be making his yearly trek into the neighborhood with free icecream for all!