Monday, July 20, 2009

Sunshine in the Point

Another beautiful day on Cape Cod.

Thanks to everyone who attended the annual meeting to participate and express their opinions. We've taken action on some of the comments right away, and the beach committee has removed some of the SeaWay signage. The whole sign thing is being rethought for next year - maybe having one big sign made with all the rules instead of little signs with one rule each....

There has been an increase of traffic in the neighborhood, but that started in the spring. I really do feel a lot of it has to do with the large number of homes for sale as well as the couple that are currently rental properties. And the inordinate amount of cars at the one house still being worked on. In the spring, there were still several properties being worked on regularly. At least it seems we're down to one.

The meeting process seems to work, and we did reach a quorum, but it would be better if more families participated, especially those with different voices or dissenting opinions.

Hope everyone had a great weekend. Last week turned out to be beautiful, and Sunday was the crowning jewel. Let's hope for more good weather soon!

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  1. Always glad to see people taking care of their community beaches. That's where it begins, at the community level. The fam and I need to get out there to vacation and research for my next two books where a lot of the action takes place. So thanks for taking care of those beaches as we'll be taking pictures.

    Stephen Tremp
    Author: Breakthrough