Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Beautiful Spring Weather

The beaches are looking pretty good - although the water is still pretty cold. The sand situation over on the Seaway each side is looking really good - so glad we didn't end up putting a lot of work and money into restoring the beach this spring. Mother Nature did it for us.


  1. I noticed the last time I came down that there was a lot more sand on the Sea Way beach --- I was trying to decide if it was deposited from the ocean, or if it had slid down from the dunes...what do you think?

  2. If you look back tot he post from March 16th, you'll see the dramatic difference in sand levels that happened in that March storm.

    IN the early winter, I would say yes, the sand blew out of the dunes. The wind was doing quite a number. Then the early 2010 storms took a huge bite - we would have lost any snow fence we tried to put up anyway. The worst of it was the February storm.

    Then the March storm reversed the current, and the sand all washed down from further up the coast, landing on SeaWay beach. *yea*

    If you walk the Strandway beach, you'll see that the end near our jetty is thinner, and the beach gains ground as you near the River. The sand that had gathered in the elbow was redistributed. The last stretch down by Jane has gained at least a foot if not more.

    You'll also notice that the sand on the SeaWay beach is of a coarser quality - It just washed in from somewhere, and maybe even from somewhere that paid for it.

    I love observing Mother Nature!