Monday, July 15, 2013

Along the Herring River

 Old Mill Point is situated along the Herring River, a vista we often ignore in favor of Nantucket Sound. But the river offers its own beauty and grace.

The Herring River winds its way through salt marsh swamps north of Route 28, then widens as it approaches the ocean, allowing for boat moorings, docks, swimming, fishing, and quiet beauty, especially in the early morning.

When it finally races out along the jetty to greet the ocean, it's become a wide path, almost an extension of Nantucket Sound separated by a few granite boulders... bearing little resemblance to the quiet waters wending their way through tall sea grass just a few miles upriver.

This week will be sunny, hot and humid. Here's hoping you're somewhere you can enjoy the water and the ocean breezes... like here, on Cape Cod.

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