Tuesday, February 10, 2015

February Snow Update: Yep, there's still snow.

While much of the Boston area got 2 more feet of snow yesterday, the Cape had slush falling from the sky. Plenty of pretty white flakes, but enough sleet and rain that it didn't accumulate any more than we already had on the ground. The roads this morning are black, albeit slick with slush.

The dogs and I went to check the beach, using the Seaway entrance. Which is there, behind the mound of plowed snow. The stairs were invisible and treacherous since you couldn't see where they were under deep drifts. Knee deep drifts over both staircases, which I've never seen before.

The beach was empty (shocker) and beautiful despite the dark grey sky. Or maybe because of it. The temps are in the low to mid 30s, with no wind. Nice day for a walk.
But I'm still dreaming of summer...

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