Tuesday, June 30, 2009


The news reports said last week's 3-day nor'easter was the most destructive storm in many years, if not ever, in terms of coastal erosion. Most of the damage occurred on the outer Cape beaches. The National Seashore rangers are very concerned. The camps on Chatham's outer beach were all destroyed in this last round of storms as well.

Our beach is also suffering erosion, although slightly more slowly.

The place where the erosion is most apparent on our beach is the corner behind the jetty. Last year the dunes came right up behind the jetty, bulging forward and spilling out onto the beach. Sand full up to where those fence posts are visible now.

You can see how the ocean has "scoured out" the corner. The damage is also visible along all of Sea Way beach, in that the dunes look bitten into. At low tide, the beach seems pretty nice. We walked along at high tide last night at twilight, though, and there's not much above water.

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