Friday, June 26, 2009

Summer Kickoff!

Although the weather may not be cooperating, it really is summertime! The beaches are looking great, despite the battering of the winter ocean. The tides have still been really high with all the storms passing through, but let's all hope for some nicer weather!

Some reminders: Dogs are allowed on the beaches (since they are private) but only before 10 a.m. and after 5 p.m. New signs will be going up soon to remind people of this Association rule.

The trash barrels have been replaced at the beach entrances. Please use them if you have trash from your beach visit or walk. And please feel free to stand them back upright if you notice that the wind or waves have tipped them over. The bungee cords on top should keep contents in and ocean (and critters) out.

New signs have been installed on the dunes (see post following this one) Please be aware of people - especially children - trying to climb on dunes as this will speed the erosion. Feel free (and empowered as an Association member) to tell people to stay off the dunes. If we all speak up, everyone will get the message.

The season opening cocktail party is tonight! If you haven't RSVP'd, it's not too late to give Carol a call! See you there!

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