Wednesday, July 6, 2011

More Parade Photos...and the Wagon Brigade

One of the things I like best about the annual Old Mill Point parade is the "floats." The largest ones are wagon-sized, with adorable little kids enjoying their first (or maybe second) expereince of "marching" in a parade. Soon enough they'll "graduate" to wanting to ride their own decorated bike or scooter, leaving their parents and grandparents on the side of the road to cheer.

This year there were more wagons than ever in the parade!

Usually it's only the person pulling the wagon who has the festive Red Cup in hand. But this Fourth of July, I noticed a surprising new trend amongst the "waggoneers"...

... in that some of the older "kids" seemed to be trying to relive their earlier parade experiences... and merging the Wagon Brigade with the Red Cup Brigade...

It was fun to see and I applaud the young people who jumped into those wagons! It certainly made me smile - and made me wonder what fun ideas will emerge in next year's parade!

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