Monday, October 29, 2012

More storm photos from incoming Hurricane Sandy

 At the highest point of the midday tide, the waves still didn't breach the dunes, although they completely covered the jetty. The river came up to the height of the new dock...

The view of the beach at the end of Strandway, where you can see the waves covering the jetty that runs along the river - the river and the ocean were practically one all along the jetty.

The winds are picking up and we've had a few power blips, but back in business as I type. Walking around the neighborhood, not much damage yet (small branches down, lots of leaves and needles blowing.) The part of Route 28 that crosses the Herring River was closed by flooding. Not sure about Allen Harbor but assume that part of Lower County is also closed down.

Staying indoors for now. Stay safe out there!

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