Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Day After Sandy

 Views along Old Mill Point beaches on Tuesday, October 30th, beginning along the Herring River and exiting from Seaway Beach entrance

*UPDATE* Several residents are still without power along the upper end of Pine Lane as a transformer seems to have gone out. NSTAR did not make it into OMP today to take care of the problem (even though one of those affected is a Selectmen here in town...)

Hopefully those residents have power restored soon.

 The sandbags deployed around the Strandway tall staircase seem to have kept it safe from storm damage.

 The jetty seemed to have taken a beating from Sandy, with many of the chink rocks washed out onto the beach. Some of the new snow fence was also knocked down, and part of the dune eaten away.

 The Seaway stairs seem to have survived intact as well, no damage, and the view along the fencing shows that we may have actually gained some sand pushed up along the dunes from the storm.


  1. Thanks! Any damage to any of the homes, or did OMP come through unscathed?

  2. Hi- OMP was very lucky. There were a few trees down and lots of small limbs but no big damage.

    The only big tree down is a pine that fell from Hession's yard across into Carbone's driveway. A few other homes had small trees fall but no (visible) home damage.

    Stairs docks and walkways all look fine as well.

  3. Thanks! Great to know.

  4. UPDATE AS OF 5 PM - I was just informed that several neighbors, including the Lynchs, Mannings and LaMantias, are without power at this hour in the aftermath of the storm.

    Hopefully they fix it soon!

  5. Katie, great pics! great information!