Sunday, August 17, 2014

More Sandcastle Photos from the 4th Annual OMP Contest!

 The Old Mill Point Windmill
 "Friends from the Sea" - baby seal 
(look closely to the left, to see the face and whiskers)
 "Friends from the Sea" - smiling sea turtle
(love the shell pattern!)
 "Friends from the Sea" - friendly shark
 (Mike, aren't the kids supposed to be building that?)
 A super huge giant octopus! Hugely awesome!
 Frantically finishing a traditional sandcastle with elaborate moat system...
 FROZEN-themed sculptures ruled one end of the beach, with a ginormous Olaf,
and an awesome mountain range complete with trees and all...
my camera started glitching, but not before I got a shot of the stairs down...
what a cool idea!

Big kudos to all the creative kids! (and parent helpers!)
A fun way to spend a Saturday afternoon for sure!

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