Monday, August 11, 2014

Shark Week at Old Mill Point!

Jim Scaia sent in this photo of his son holding a shark which another fisherman caught off the end of the Sea Way jetty. If anyone saw the guy crossing the beach with his catch, here's the story about this kind of shark...

Thresher sharks are generally shy, not aggressive, and not usually dangerous to humans. They're also considered a delicacy and a "prize catch." Here's some info from Wikepedia...

Threshers have a low fecundity, like all large sharks, and are highly vulnerable to overfishing.Besides being hunted for their meat, threshers are also hunted for their liver oil, skin (for leather), and their fins, for use in shark-fin soup.
They do not appear to be a threat to humans, although some divers have been hit with the upper tail lobe.

Thresher sharks are classified as prized game fish in the United States and South Africa. Common thresher sharks are the target of a popular recreational fishery off Baja, Mexico. Thresher sharks are farmed in some areas for their value as both a recreational sport fish and for commercial products derived from their flesh.
All three thresher shark species have been recently listed as vulnerable to extinction by the World Conservation Union (IUCN)

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