Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Ebb and Flow

Ah the difference a storm makes. This last storm was a Nor'easter, so they tell us, and brought with it a shift in the water and wind currents along the southern shores. What does that mean for Old Mill Point? A little extra sand deposited on our beaches... I took the above photograph today, and I took the one below after that last big storm at the end of February, 18 days ago.

I took the first photo of the dune sign on Seaway beach today, and the one below it on 2/27.

What a difference a storm can make. I'm hoping for a few more of these blowing "our" way before the summer season begins. The caveat to this being that the sand did get scooped out from the "armpit" on the Strandway side of the jetty, and redistributed down the beach. But that's how it's "supposed" to be working in an ideal year of ebb and flow.


  1. Wow what a difference since we saw the beach just a week ago. Thanks for all your pics, Katie, I love them!

  2. The last Nor'easter made a big difference to the beaches. Hoping for some more sand before the storm season is over!