Sunday, March 14, 2010

Just How Old is Old Mill Point?

I hope people have taken the time to read through the History of OMP that I transcribed into a blog post. (There's a link over there in the right-hand column of the blog that will take you directly to that post.)

As I was driving home from Hyannis yesterday, I was wondering how old OMP really is. Actually, I was wondering when OMP would turn 100 years old. So I just sifted through the history to figure it out. And found that it's not really clear.

OMP's founder William Doble bought his first house in the neighborhood in 1923, 87 years ago. But it wasn't even a neighborhood then. He subsequently bought up other properties and built houses, including the windmill house.

In 1963, the neighborhood celebrated its 40th anniversary, so the directors at that time were thinking that Doble's first purchase marked the beginning of OMP.

When Doble built the windmill house in 1935, he decided to name the neighborhood "Old Mill Point." This was the first time the name was officially used, 75 years ago.

It wasn't until after his death that his children were involved with incorporating the neighborhood and forming the Association as we know it today. The Association was formed in 1954, which was only 64 years ago.

So the choices are:
1923 when Doble bought his first house. - 87 years old now, turns 100 in 2023.
1935 when the neighborhood was named Old Mill Point - 75 years old now, turns 100 in 2035.
1954 when Association was formed - 64 years old now, turns 100 in 2054.

Or perhaps these are all milestones to celebrate? Food for thought on a rainy, rainy Sunday.


  1. Can we celebrate 100 year birthday 3 times???

  2. Any excuse for a party, eh Carol?