Monday, March 29, 2010

Trivia Mondays: Where in the Point?

Note: So sorry to be posting this a day later than usual - Blogger didn't want to upload my photos yesterday, and what's a trivia challenge without the photos?

The way we choose to accessorize our interiors is what makes a mere "house" into a "home."

This is also true with the way we decorate our gardens, walkways, yards, and public spaces. Some lawn ornaments are hidden away for only the homeowner to see. Others are out in the open for all to enjoy.

Here are photos of a few "accessories," all visible from the roadways, but perhaps so familiar you don't even notice them anymore. Good luck - as always, put your answers in the comments or email me.



  1. I'd love to play this game in the summer when we're there...I'm sure I walk by these things all the time but I just can't remember where any of them are!

  2. I kind of put the game on hold for lack of responses - I decided that many people felt as you, that they couldn't remember.

    I just thought it would be fun to get people thinking about OMP again - but I'll resume the game next month, when people start spending a little more time here.

    Thanks for playing, Carol!