Saturday, August 20, 2011

First Annual OMP Beachfire Night a Success!

The party on the beach last night was a big success by all measures. So many neighbors having fun together, so many kids excited to be in a sandcastle contest, and excited for the beachfire...

The only "complaint" I heard was that maybe it should start earlier next year ;-) Let's hope the tides cooperate with that idea!

There will be more photos of the party to come - Pat Martino Whitney was tasked with taking "portraits" of all the castles entered in the competition (and as many competitors as would stand still) and she'll email them to me soon.

Big kudos go out to the party committee of Nancy Healy and Marie-Louise Kehoe for putting on such a wonderful evening. More thanks go to un-official party committee member and all-around hard worker Carol Volpe for all her help and hard work. And more thanks to Jerry Richer for lugging the firewood and being man-in-charge of the flames.

What a fun night!

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