Monday, August 22, 2011

Sandcastle Contest Photos!!

We have some early sandcastle photos of some of the winning entries! The above castle was the first one you saw as you came down the beach entrance steps! It won the prize bucket for deepest and most dangerous moat, of course! Luckily, there were no sharks or alligators lurking within those walls... but dangerous nonetheless, mostly because of its proximity to the food and beverage tables ;-)

This sand sculpture blended American and Aztec architectural styles to create this award-winning castle. Plus, it had an excellent view of the beachfire and the marshmallow roasting! Location, location, location!

The replica of an Aztec ruin also won a prize bucket for its creators... okay, every castle entered won one of our prize buckets! (Thank you, party committee, for having enough prizes on hand!!) But really, everyone worked very hard on their creations and had such a wonderful afternoon working on them - - how could we not award each one a prize??

Each castle was unique and appealing in its own ways - and each sand sculptor deserved recognition for helping to create a fun and memorable night for all.

Special thanks to Wendy Czarnecki for sending in these photos! If you have more pictures you'd like to see posted on the blog, please send them in! If you have details or stories you'd like to share with your Old Mill Point neighbors, my email is


  1. Did OMP survive Irene OK?

  2. Irene visited Cape Cod with very little rain, a lot of wind and a big attitude problem. OMP survived just fine, and the neighborhood didn't lose power except for minor blips in service so we're very lucky.

    The beaches still look good - the seaweed piles did their job of blunting the force of the waves. While there are no seaweed piles left along the dunes, and there are dune grass roots showing, it could have been much worse, as evidenced on other Cape beaches.

    The jetty also took a good pounding and stood strong, thanks to the previous work done this spring to add rocks and strengthen it. I think there may be one large rock that shifted, but nothing major.

    The garbage barrel down by the Strandway tall stair entrance was swept away by the storm and hasn't turned up. The private beach sign on the Seaway Beach next to Pleasant Road was also swept away but found and dragged back. Neither will be replaced this season, as there's only one weekend left of summer.